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If you have cavities, getting a tooth filling can help relieve toothaches and improve oral health. Make an appointment for dental fillings in Durham, NC, by calling 919-471-1502.

Teeth fillings are a standard part of dental care that aims to repair visible cavity damages in your tooth. You should treat cavities quickly to prevent them from becoming more significant, as untreated cavities can eventually lead to teeth breaking down and gum disease.

What Are Teeth Fillings Made Of?

Filling material is available in a variety of options, and each kind comes with different benefits. Common choices for dental fillings include:

Natural Tooth-Color Filling Materials

  • Resin composite fillings
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Glass ionomer

These materials are ideal for patients that would like to maintain a natural-looking smile. However, these types of fillings are a little less durable than their metal counterparts. You may need to replace these types of dental fillings after ten or more years.

Sturdy Metal Tooth Filling Materials

  • Gold
  • Silver amalgam

While metal dental fillings may not match your natural tooth color, these filling materials may be a good choice for more durability. Some patients may also prefer the metal aesthetic over the natural look. You can rely on metal dental fillings for around 15 to 20 years before needing professional attention or replacement.

The selection of dental filling materials your dentist offers you may change depending on the location of the damaged tooth. Your dentist can explain the best options for you after an examination. You can find all of the popular dental fillings in Durham, NC, at Diadem Family Dental.

What to Expect at a Dental Filling Procedure

A dental filling is a simple process that removes damaged portions of a tooth and replaces them with new material. The dental filling helps to prevent further spread of the cavity in each affected tooth. Typically, a dental filling will follow a procedure in this order:


  1. Examination and x-ray
  2. Discussing dental filling material options and preferences
  3. Discussing dental sedation options (nitrous oxide or anti-anxiety prescription)
  4. Discussing topical and local anesthetics
  5. Removing any tooth decay in and around the cavity
  6. Placing the dental filling material (may be temporary until the permanent filling is ready)


The process can vary between each dentist – for example, some dentists may not offer dental sedation. Dr. Erskine at Diadem Family Dental is proud to have certifications in sedation to make dental visits more enjoyable for patients.

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