Durham Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy

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Teeth consist of layers of hard enamel, dentin, pulp, and nerve. With excellent oral hygiene habits and the absence of genetic dental conditions, these tooth structures can last a long time. However, tooth decay, damage, and disease can lead to compromised dental health. When this happens, pain, illness, and tooth loss could follow.

Endodontic dentistry is the branch of dental services that deals with the health and maintenance of the inner tissues of teeth. Endodontics includes procedures such as pulpectomies and root canals in Durham, NC. These services remove, treat, and prevent decay, protecting tooth and gum structures from the spread of tooth decay and bacteria. These procedures can restore dental health, stop tooth pain, and prevent further damage to tooth structures.

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What is a Root Canal?

Root canals remove pulp, blood vessels, and nerve material from the inside of the tooth. This process removes diseased material and prevents the spread of decay. It also effectively deadens the tooth to sensation.

Benefits of Getting Root Canal Treatment

Because root canals leave the root of the tooth intact, this procedure offers many benefits, including:

  • Natural tooth spacing
  • Avoiding the need for tooth extraction
  • Prevention of bone loss in the jaw due to tooth removal
  • Pain relief
  • Disease prevention
  • Infection management
  • And more

What to Expect During Root Canal Therapy

A standard root canal typically involves three stages. The first stage is a pulpectomy, during which dentists remove internal tooth material. Next, the dentist disinfects the root canal and does any necessary filing. Finally, the tooth and root cavity are sealed to protect the tooth from further decay.

If possible, dental professionals will complete root canals in Durham, NC, in as little as one session. Otherwise, the patient may need to return for an additional visit to complete the tooth restoration using a dental crown or permanent filling.

Professional Endodontic Treatment in Durham, NC

While many patients are concerned about cost, the price of a root canal doesn’t have to be a roadblock to achieving excellent dental health. Speak with our dental professionals to determine which treatment plans are best for you and your budget.

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