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Dentistry for the Whole Family 

We care about your entire family's oral health—call (919) 471-1502 to schedule a family dentist appointment today!

At Diadem Family Dental in Durham, NC, we aim to create a welcoming dentistry experience for every family member. We know that both children and adults can feel some anxiety when going to the dentist. As such, we work hard to create an enjoyable, stress-free environment in which you can feel comfortable.

Dr. Natalie Erskine, DDS, is a family dentist in Durham, NC, dedicated to providing professional and friendly dental care. At Diadem Family Dental, you can bring every family member above the age of three for preventative and restorative dental care.

Family Dentistry Preventative Care

Practice preventative dentistry to protect your family's oral health. Brushing and flossing twice a day is an easy and important way to keep your mouth healthy from home.

Effective preventative care includes scheduling a professional cleaning and exam with a family dentist in Durham, NC. Diadem Family Dental offers comprehensive preventive care for the entire family.


Every professional dental service includes an x-ray and visual exam. X-ray exams allow us to get a more detailed view of your gums and teeth structure to ensure everything is intact.

Dr. Erskine will visually examine your mouth to look for any indications of gum disease or other oral health concerns. These professional exams will make sure that your smile remains healthy and bright.


Regularly brushing your teeth at home becomes essential for maintaining a healthy mouth. However, a professional cleaning will get to the plaque and tartar you may otherwise find hard to remove.

Plaque and tartar buildup commonly indicate gum disease and cavities. Scheduling a professional cleaning at least once every six months helps to prevent tooth decay.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea sufferers can seek treatment from trained dental professionals. Dental appliances are customized to fit the individual. These devices help maintain one's airway during sleep and allow one to enjoy a more restful sleep. Dr. Erskine specializes in sleep apnea appliances. Contact her today for a sleep apnea consultation.

Restorative Dentistry for the Family

Diadem Family Dental in Durham offers more than preventative care. When your teeth need a little extra care, we provide various services to restore your smile.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings repair damaged or infected teeth with durable material. Fillings address different types of oral health concerns.

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Holes in teeth
  • Minor tooth decay
  • Cavities
Tooth Extractions

In some cases, the only way to restore your smile is with a tooth extraction. We offer nitrous oxide—laughing gas—and oral sedation to make this process more comfortable.

Dental Crowns

We use dental crowns when the decay of a tooth has caused significant structural damage. We have various crown materials to fit your budget and desired look.

  • Gold
  • Porcelain
  • Zirconia
  • Composite resin
Gum Disease Treatment

Gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis are common among both children and adults. Our family dentistry offers dental treatment to address every stage of gum disease.

Family Dentist in Durham, NC

From cosmetic dentistry to kids dentistry, Diadem offers dental services for the whole family. Our dental practice aims to create an environment that your entire family can enjoy when coming in for dental care services.

We provide friendly and professional dentistry in Durham, NC, for the family. Call Diadem Family Dental at (919) 471-1502 to schedule your family's next appointment!