Durham Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dentist

If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Durham, NC, you should seek an emergency dental service by calling  919-471-1502.

You need to know what an emergency dentist in Durham, NC, can do for you when you require emergency dental care. But what qualifies as a dental emergency, and where can you go to seek relief?

What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can happen at any time and in unexpected ways, and you might be surprised at how many situations qualify as a dental emergency. Emergency dental service can include services that address:

  • Broken teeth
  • A knocked-out tooth
  • A cracked or damaged tooth
  • Lost dental crowns
  • Root canal issues
  • Loose adult teeth
  • Abscesses in teeth or gums
  • A fractured jaw
  • Many other causes of oral pain

If you are experiencing sudden or slowly building oral pain, you should contact an experienced emergency dentist as soon as you can. You can find a local, reliable emergency dentist in Durham, NC, to relieve your pain and restore your healthy smile.

Where to Go When You Need an Emergency Dentist in Durham, NC

Your first thought at the onset of a dental emergency might be to visit the local emergency room. However, hospital emergency rooms are quite different from an emergency dentist’s office. ERs lack specific dental equipment and oral-certified staff to deal with the extensive range of potential dental emergencies.

Many emergency rooms can generally only prescribe medications for oral infections or oral pain management. While these medications can help, the ER can only provide temporary relief for some emergency dental situations. You will still need more specialized care for most dental emergencies to find long-lasting relief.

In most oral pain cases, the ER staff will ask you to follow up with a dentist as soon as possible. This is especially true for those in need of tooth extractions or root canals. These cases demand the skills and tools of an emergency dentist in Durham, NC.

The emergency dental services of an authorized dental practitioner can provide longer-lasting solutions for oral pain. You deserve the complete and lasting relief that an emergency dentist in Durham, NC, can provide. Call your local dentist and describe your situation to schedule an emergency dental service appointment quickly.

The Diadem Family Dental Difference

Diadem Family Dental offers a full range of dental services and is a qualified emergency dentist in Durham, NC. Our dental practice can provide the care you need, from simple dental hygiene and check-ups to restorative services and complex root canal procedures.

When you experience a dental emergency, call our office as soon as possible and share your concerns to schedule an emergency appointment. We can offer same-day appointments and treatment in many cases. Our team is ready to provide the specialized care that you need now.

Don’t wait to call if you are experiencing oral pain. When you need an emergency dentist in Durham, NC, call Diadem Family Dental at 919-471-1502.