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Not everyone is content with the shade of their teeth. While some are born with vibrantly white smiles, others have off-colored teeth that are hereditary.

The dentin’s color and enamel’s opaqueness also reflect the shades of one’s teeth. A red/orange or a yellow/green dentin alongside a translucent enamel will make these colors visible. Years of staining and surface buildup will also alter the look of your teeth.

Whatever the cause of your teeth’ imperfections, turn to teeth whitening in Durham, NC. At Diadem Family Dental, we’ll find the teeth whitening procedure right for you.

Step One: Turning Away from At-Home Teeth Whitening

In an attempt to brighten their smiles, many turn to at-home teeth whitening products. However, while they’re cheaper alternatives, they don’t always guarantee proper results.

Whitening Toothpaste

Among the most common at-home products is whitening toothpaste that incorporates mild abrasives into their product. Not only do these abrasives gently polish the teeth, but chemicals like peroxides dissolve surface stains.

However, it can take up to six weeks to dismiss surface stains for a subtle improvement. Also, natural discoloration and deeper stains will remain unchanged. These stains originate from:

  • Acidic drinks (coffee, tea, and wine)
  • Smoking
  • Years of tartar and plaque buildup

Bleaching Trays

Walking into a convenience store for bleaching trays sounds more effortless than a dental visit. These trays are also efficient in lightning staining and discoloration due to their hydrogen peroxide treatment. Then again, these peroxide treatments can backfire with an improper-fitting tray. 

Store-bought bleaching trays are one-size-fits-all. Since each individual has a unique set of teeth, the tray will not fit many people. Therefore, the treatment can leak, causing gum irritation.

Other At-Home Teeth Whitening Products

  • Whitening rinses
  • Whitening strips
  • Whitening pens

Step Two: Understanding The Process of a Teeth Whitening Service

For the best teeth whitening in Durham, NC, turn to professional teeth whitening treatments.

Your dentist will begin by examining your teeth to determine the best possible solution. If you’re eligible for professional bleaching, your dentist will specially make a tray to fit your teeth. Before applying the tray, they will protect your gums with a gel coat or shield.

Upon placing the tray, the peroxide solution will seep into the enamel, beginning the oxidation process. Oxidation will transform molecules in the teeth, so they reflect little light. In turn, the teeth will seem colorless, creating a white smile.

Still, this process is not for everyone, including those with:

  • Strong stains that are harder to remove
  • Veneers or other dental restorations

Step Three: Relying on Teeth Whitening in Durham, NC

When you’re ready to whiten your teeth, trust us to enhance your smile. At Diadem Family Dental, Natalie Erskine, DDS, and her experienced dental technicians will deliver top-notch teeth whitening in Durham, NC, that you’ll want to show off for years.

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